Kansas- Carry On Wayward Son


This song has homohonic texture and polyphonic texture. In the opening phrases of this song it is homophonic, because there is multiple melodies with the same rhythm and harmony. In the beginning of this song the melody gets stuck into your ears. The guitar solo in this song makes this song have polyphonic texture. During the guitar solo its hard for me to know what to listen to next.


Doobie Brothers- Black Water


Black water by the Doobie Brothers has a Polyphonic texture. The reason why this song is Polyphonic is, because there are multiple independent melody’s. In the last part of this song 3.45 you can hear two active melody’s singing at the same time.

Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody


In this song by Queen there are many different textures. The first texture in Homophonic in the opening phrases they are singing in harmony the vocals get suck in your had making a melody. In the middle section of this song it has a polyphonic texture, because there is multiple independent melody’s happen at one time and you hear the echoes. This song also has a lot of different changing textures.

Regina Spector- Fidelity


This song I have always loved so I thought this would be a great choice for a song with melody. This song first starts off with a low Frequency pitch. This song has many different notes making the music go up and down.

Pink Floyd- Money


This song has a irregular meter the reason why it has a irregular meter it because, it has mixed meters, and all sorts of different sounds. This song speed to me seems Largo.

Janis Joplin- Mercedes Benz


This song Mercedes Benz has texture Janis Joplin is singing in Monophonic. Even though its just her singing she is singing everything at the same time. This song only has one melody. In the back ground its the same beat throughout the song. The song has tapping at the same time throughout the song.


The Beatles- Nowhere Man


This song first starts off with the Beatles singing in homophonic harmony, and then the instruments starts playing. This song has open cadences its hard to tell when the song is over there is no dominat course during the song, but at the end you can tell the song has a closed cadence. This song has harmonic rhythm, because there is short and quick notes in this song. This song also is singable, because there is repetition throughout the song.